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The detailed Franchise Questionnaire allows us to learn about you early in the Franchisee selection process.

Franchising Process
The Academy employs an extensive process to ensure that the very best Franchisees are awarded the offered exclusive territories. Throughout this process, we encourage detailed telephonic communication that best permits the requisite two-way flow of necessary information. That process is summarized here...
  • Read the Website and see What We Offer Our Franchisees!
  • Complete the Franchise Questionnaire in full (see below)
  • Submit the Franchise Questionnaire as instructed
  • Franchise Questionnaire Will Be Reviewed for Qualifications
  • The Academy Will Send To Qualified Candidates the Informational Packet and the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  • Candidate Will Have at Least Fourteen Days Upon Receipt of the FDD to Review the Document and Consult With Advisors, Such as an Attorney and an Accountant. Candidate Must Return to Us the "Receipt" that Is an Element of the FDD Upon Receipt of the FDD
  • Candidates Are Encouraged To Communicate By Telephone As Frequently as Desired With the Franchisor Prior to Discovery Day in the Phoenix, Arizona area
  • Qualified and Interested Candidates Will Be Interviewed in the Phoenix, Arizona area
  • Candidates Will Be Notified of Franchise Decision on Discovery Day
  • Selected Franchisee Will Train for Two Weeks in the Phoenix, Arizona area Within One Month of the Execution of the FDD Purchase Agreement.
Please Complete the Franchise Questionnaire (see below) and Mail It To: The Academy, Post Office Box 20654 Mesa, Arizona 85277, as soon as it is completed in full. The Academy Will Send by U. S. mail To You the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and the Detailed Information Packet in the event that the Questionnaire is acceptable. All regions and territories remain open and available until the FDD Purchase Agreement is signed and funds have been received in full by the Franchisor. Anticipate an approximate one-month process from first contact between the Candidate and the Franchisor.

The Franchise Questionnaire is in Adobe PDF format. If you don't have the Acrobat Reader, you can download the free Acrobat Viewer from here.

The Academy Questionnaire
To follow is The Academy's Candidate Questionnaire. Please take the time to complete this very important document in full and submit it as soon as possible as instructed. Our website provides you with a wealth of information about The Academy. In turn, The Academy needs information about you for a well-balanced evaluation process. At this stage of the evaluation process, we do not request any financial information from any Candidate. We merely request other very important information. Always feel perfectly free to contact us by telephone to ask questions, including about Questionnaire completion, submission, and evaluation. All of your information will be retained in a secure file and will be held in the strictest confidence.

Word Format Questionnaire or PDF Format Questionnaire

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